Searchable Cemeteries - a web site of organized links to Internet cemetery web pages that either have lists by surname and given name or that have indexed databases that can be can be searched. Searchable Cemeteries was created out of the need to have a single source of cemeteries with lists or indexed databases so they can be searched by first name, last name, etc...
There are several volunteer projects in the United States of America, noteably The USGenWeb Project and The Tombstone Transcription Project. Please consider volunteering some of your time to these worthwhile projects.
An indespensible source for anyone interested in family history and genealogy. Can't find your favorite cemetery at Searchable Cemeteries? Write them and ask them to upload their information into an Internet database for all to use.
Update as of August 29th 2010: Most broken links have been updated or removed. To report a broken link, please navigate to the bottom of this page and enter the url of the broken link.
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